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Yin and Yang
The earth is a planet of the duality. that means there is nothing absolute. All has two poles, two directions or two sides. Yin and Yang is one part each of universal contraries and has much to do with duality. Here some examples...

Yin Yang Yin Yang
earth heaven dark light
night day moon sun
female male stillness activity
cold warm black white
round angular sinuous straight
soft hard wet dry
winter summer heavy light
inside outside quiet loud
mother father water fire
below above back in front
far narrow thin thick
valley peak take give
space time be become
minus plus static dynamic
sleep awaken feet head
recover work unconscious aware
sole mind unbiased biased

The Yin-Yang-sign is the most important symbol of the Daoism, the doctrine of Lao-Tse (about 604 a.d). The Yin Yang Symbol is also called Taj-Ji. Its shape is a circle which contents two in one another moving shapes, light and dark. Each one keeps the seed of its contrary designed by a small spot.

Yin and Yang symbolize the duality on earth. The Yin and Yang principle says that all acts of coming into view by its polarity. From Yin and Yang came the elements, the trigrams and the ten thousand things

In the signs of I-ging the long line means Yang and the two short lines mean Yin.

The duality of Yin and Yang describes the principle through which the world will be sophisticated. Without dark night there were no light day. Before the absolute Yin or emptiness and the arising or joining else Yang performs a transformation, a process or movement. This process utters by cycles and the continuous change of Yin and Yang.

Within the changes of day and night or within the seasons you can observe these cycles. Exist the forces in balance so harmony dominates.

one of the aims in Feng Shui is to create this harmony. It applies by colors, material, forms, it means all what exists around the human beings need to be brought in a balanced relation. This is called dynamically balance. A absolute equal distribution of weight would be lack of movement which means death. A minimal overweight of one aspect will bring movement and with it life, progress or growth.

Yin and Yang always has to be regarded in relation to each another and not absolutely. The water of a still sea is regarded as Yin. When stormy weather comes up and the waves move high and foaming it becomes Yang.

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