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Here you can reach us:

The Feng Shui Center was founded in October 1999 in Baden-Brugg AG (CH). Today its resident is in Bülach ZH, Switzerland

Our Vision

We inform you about the coherencies of the subtle energies of our near and far environment and how they influence us. The facing of our house/ flat and the formation of our living area is linked together. Also offices, working areas and production is dependent on Feng Shui.

Of subtle energies, we understand mostly invisible frequencies like magnetism, electro smog, radio waves, earth frequencies, and further more spiritual energies or frequencies which are not yet measurable by our technique.

We are here to help all people to adapt their environment to the universal energies in harmony to live a more happy, more healthy and more wealthy life. While spreading this knowledge of Feng Shui we all can live more successful and unheedingly.

We neutralize your land from ancient energie frequencies of our ancestors which you picked up not incidently.

In terms of hierarchy Feng Shui is at place 3. This is the reason that not all feng shui specialists or consultants are millioneers. Followind the terms of hierarchy:

1. Fate, Destiny ("Ming")

2. Furtune, Luck ("Yun")

3. Feng Shui

4. Result of Good Deeds ("Ji De")

5. Parents and Education ("Du Shu")

If you call us we provide you with the following:

Klick We check your land for harmony with you

Klick We consult you in its entirety to design your living area, business, and working compound for harmony with the universal frequencies

Klick We lead you through all phases of planning new buildings for living and business areas

Klick We help you designing your garden to bring you health, vitality, good luck and wealth

Klick We offer seminars and presentations about its entirety of Feng Shui to make it well known all over the world

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