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Here you can reach us:

If you want to build a new house ... then the best is to come to us before you have signed the contract or bought the land. Such a "unique" investment needs time to find the best land or the best house which fits exact for you. Each human being is individually and needs a corresponding land or house. Otherwise one standard set of house would fit for all of us. This is not true, therefore come to us. We have the experience and the knowledge to help you.

Example: The good view of the slope of a wonderful land is shown to south-East. All the family members belong to the "West Types" in Feng Shui. This means all good living rooms should be in W. NW, SW, and SE. But who wants to build all the living rooms to the mountain side if the slope? The good living rooms are living room, lunch room, bed room and working room. You see it starts here to arrange the right land for the right persons according to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not only "moving furnitures".

Is the land already bought and it is not at a slope we try to fit the house into your and the environment's best direction. The more is already fixed, the more we have to work with Feng Shui remedies.

An individual consultation could be as follows ...

First you send us via email, Post mail or fax…

Klick the birthdates of all members of the family with First Name and gender

Klick If already available, plan of land with address and compass directions

Klick if already available, house plan of all floors with address and compass directions

According to each case I can prepare myself at home. With your birthdates I define your Feng Shui Type and calculate the " 4 directions " where the door must be. Then according to the "Flying Stars" I check which house direction fits best. These two variables define the house direction. Then I will calculate the good areas in the house and I will propose the areas for each room your good directions to sleep, to sit and to work. After that I will document that so that your architect will generate the first plan. This job will need me about 2 hours, because I'm good organized.

With such an investment you should not make compromises. So let flow in all principles of Feng Shui. With your own new house you can decide how the house will be built and you can decide to build the house proper according to Feng Shui. Intuitively many will be made "right" but never all.

Normally, I first have a look to your land with you together and check the earth energies. Are there negative ones it can be neutralized. Likely I do this with you together because I'm convinced that it is not incidently that you have found there exact this piece of land. There is no need to move away from the bad energies. We change them. Water cures reverse the polarity and you will not be influenced negatively any more. There are also many other earth frequencies which will be transformed. My effort for this is about 1 hour.

If I'm already with you we can sit together and can go through your house plan. I let flow in my elaborations and discuss with you all levels of Feng Shui. It would be of advantage if your architect may also be there. I will give you information to the following themes...

Klick the form of the ground plan of the house - symmetrical or other forms and of course the right direction

Klick Information to healthy and poisoned construction material

Klick The apportionment of all the different rooms that each one is in the right corner

Klick The measurements according to Feng Shui and forms of doors and windows.

Klick The range where doors or windows are suitable or not

Klick The form of the roof, the sloping edge and direction

Klick Open beams within the stores below the roof or rooms with slanted walls

Klick Another important theme is the kitchen, inductive stoves, ceramic tiles, steam cocking, microwave oven, etc..

Klick About corners and edges, known as "poisened arrows" in Feng Shui

Klick The color of the walls inside and outside, as well as colors of windows and doors

the list above contents the most important criterias but elevates no claim for completeness. If you have questions or if you need me during construction time I'm for your disposal. Normally we have all points under control.

Then we assume the house will be constructed.

After construction, when you moved in it is recommended if I go with you through all rooms and I advise you furnishing your house. Then normally the garden will be designed and planted. (see services "Garden Feng Shui") My effort for this is about 2-4 hours.

Estimate yourself how many time you want to get from us. You may decide how deep you want advises from me. According to our experience we come very near in reality to the estimated times. On request I tell you my hourly rate. We also like to give you for your new house a fix defined limited price if you like.

According our opinion nobody constructs his new house several times. Normally this happens once a life and then all things should be alright. I like to get your inquiry and I will give all my best to you that you can construct your house according to the principles of Feng Shui. This is my favorite work which I like to do after my over 20-years job as master of engineer in the European trade. This job I like and will do until I get 100.

Do you have questions later on than this is integrated as a matter of course. I will be enjoyed about a feedback from you after a corresponding living period. How do you feel inside your new walls. If you are happy, I'm so, too and you will speak well of me to others. This is my life.

Now much fun in your new house with Feng Shui

Your Feng Shui Expert Hans-Georg Strunz


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