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Here you can reach us:

A consulting proposal for your house could be as follows ...

At first you decide whether I will come to your place or if I'm too far away and you really want a consultation from me then look for a consultation via distance.

First send me per email, Fax or post mail ...

Klick Your house plan with address, compass direction, construction year (plans of all floors)

Klick The birthdates of all members of the family with first name and gender

Klick The indication, where is "in front" for all of you, this is not normally the front door. It can be there where the most activities happen, the best view is available or opposite of the only wall without window.

From this data I calculate your best direction to sleep, to eat, to work, etc. I also define your best areas in the house. Always 4 are good and 4 are less good. According to the 5 elements I define your best colors. According to the flying stars I define for each room the optimized forms and colors to feel well. I also put together a professional and complete documentation. For this I calculate 1.5 hours, even if I need more time sometimes.

Then I come to your place, observe your house and your environment. First I go with you through all your rooms and tell you what is good or what can be improved according to all the Feng Shui levels and rules. You get to know all your good areas and best directions for sleeping, eating, sitting and working. perhaps the children have to change their rooms that everyone lives optimized. I look for the Chi-flow and give advises to improve it. If you like I measure for you the electro-smog within the sleeping room and check all earth energies (water courses) and spiritual energies within your house. If you want I do with you a neutralization to transform the energies that they will not harm you any more.  

Then we sit together and I explain to you all the details in each Feng Shui level. You get a complete professional documentation in English or German from which you see, what you have to do in each room with forms and colors to live more harmoniously in future.  

Is your Chi-flow inauspicious, too straight, too fast or anyhow negative I will tell you remedies to install. Also "poison arrows" from your environment will be averted.  

According to "The Flying Stars" you get all remedies to install in each room to optimize health and wealth.

At the end I check the "Earth Energies" and neutralize the negative ones likely with you together because it's you who is living there and this is not incidentally.

I don't sell you special Feng Shui tools from China. I advice you in western Feng Shui. Most remedies can be achieved by things which you have already at home or which you like and you can get easily buy in your next shop. Likely I work with light and mental or spiritual energies and during my career as Feng Shui consultant I got mostly very good experiences.

From my experience I be with you 2-3 hours. I am concerned specially in detail to you and your family and you may ask questions as much as you like. I calculate my exposit with time and not with square meter. On request I will tell you my hourly rate. At bigger distances I demand a small estimated amount for travel. (see also consultation via distance)

If in the meantime more questions appear so I will answer them by phone or by email. You may consult me any time. This is understood by itself belonging to my service.

I like it if after some weeks you contact me and give me feedback what changed at your home since my consultation. It is important for me that you are satisfied, then it is me, too and I can finish this job for myself. Are you not satisfied with any reason then tell it, too. Then I will check if maybe something got forgotten.

Now you have a clear image how such a Feng Shui consultation may play over. I am happy to get your inquiry and I will give my best that you can change your environment at home to the Feng Shui criterion and to live more harmonic, healthier and wealthier. This is my life destination which I prefer best after my more than 20 years career as engineer for electro technique.

Your Feng Shui Expert Hans-Georg Strunz


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