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Here you can reach us:

If you want to plan a Feng Shui Garden ...
then I will help you to design a wonderful harmonic garden which will bring you recovery and relaxation.

A noncommittal offer for a garden consultation could look like the following ...

First send me per email, Fax or post mail ...

Klick A plan of your plot of land with address and compass directions.

Klick also with your house with year of construction for snapping of the energies of the "Flying Stars"

Klick The birthdates of all members of the family with first name and gender

Klick The indication, where is "in front" for you. This is not normally the front door. It can be there where the most activities happen, the best view is available or opposite of the only wall without window.

Klick Maybe some hints what kind of garden do you want.

Then I can prepare myself at home. Normally I need 2 hours for that

Then I come to your place, observe your garden and your environment. Then we sit together and you tell me how you want your garden designed.  

I determine some special energetic points in your garden (like heart point and special positive or negative energy points). When applying path routes they might be important. A harmonic Feng Shui garden has some different height levels, not much but some dm where you can be very creative with stones, plants, path routes and water.

We can determine optimum space for the different areas in your garden like playground for kids, sitting place, meditation corner, area for growing herbs, a pavilion, etc… We show you how you can integrate path routes, path stones, gravel and other possibilities within the energetic spots.

Maybe you want to integrate a small biotope, a small stream with fountain, figures for garden and something else. In opposite could be a small "mountain" with small gobbets of stone and concerning plants around.

Do you like animals in your garden in a small paddock, then we fins also a suitable place, which looks like a miniature facility of a zoo. Rabbits, turtles or similar animals animate your garden.

Finally decoration of details according to the principles of Feng Shui and the 5 elements. The time at your place could be 2-3 hours. We would generate some sketches which can be transferred into realism. .

After completion I like to get some feedback from you how you like your garden and how you feel in it. If you are happy then I am so, too and I can finalize my work. Via email or telephone we can communicate further if any questions arise. .

Now you have a clear image how such a Feng Shui consultation may play over. I am happy to get your inquiry and I will give my best that you can change your environment at home to the Feng Shui criterion and to live more harmonic, healthier and wealthier. This is my life destination which I prefer best after my more than 20 years career as engineer for electro technique.

Now be encouraged in your garden and enjoy each lovely summer day.

Your Feng Shui Expert Hans-Georg Strunz


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