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Feng Shui Seminars

Our Feng Shui Center in Switzerland teaches you the traditional Feng Shui to become an international Feng Shui consultant. Each seminar is completed within itself and increases gradually. There are no repetitions. Each seminars results with an international certified certificate.

The seminars are held in Switzerland CH in 5300 Turgi (AG). Between Baden and Brugg, about 30 km from Zuerich. The language is German.  

(Please find seminar management and dates under Consultant's list)

Feng Shui 1 - The Beginner's Seminar

Main contents of the 2-days weekend intensive seminar

Klick base concept, status and importance of Feng Shui

Klick Examples of different buildings and the influence on human beings

Klick Chi-flow in houses and the coherence of illness

Klick Effects on earth radiation and techniques to find and neutralize electro magnetic radiation

Klick Numerous techniques to define the Feng Shui in houses and to increase the Chi-energy in rooms

Klick Advantageous room design as well as ideal design for living areas

Klick Handling with symbols within our environment

Klick Base knowledge of the 5 elements

Klick Feng Shui principles for the personal success

Klick positive and negative Feng Shui measures

Feng Shui 2 - The Advanced Feng Shui Seminar

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive seminar

condition for participation: knowledge of FS 1 Basics

Klick Advanced practice of the 5 elements und their transformations

Klick The 8 life situations in Feng Shui and their aftereffects (3-door's Ba'Gua)

Klick The I-Ging and the genesis of the Eas-West System (called Ba'Zhai)

Klick The 8 trigrams for calculation of the 4 good and 4 bad areas within each house. (Compass Feng Shui)

Klick The 24 personal good an bad directions. (Compass Feng Shui)

Klick The personal trigram for discovering of the favourable rooms and directions of a new (or existent) building

Klick The determination of the personal optimal rooms and directions for sleeping, working and travelling

Klick Extensional knowledge for harmonical positioning of furnitures and equipment

Klick Combinations of color and forms for the inner balance

Klick The forms school or the extended knowledge of the landscape Feng Shui of the 5 environments

Klick Improvement of life conditions in marriage, relation and family

Klick Checklist for the successful use of the traditional Feng Shui

Klick Introduction to use of the Chinese Lo'Pan with the Qi-Mag Lo'pan (Chinese Feng Shui Compass)

Feng Shui 8 - The Flying Star Basic Seminar

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive-seminar

condition for participation: knowledge of FS 1+2 Basics and Advanced Seminar

Klick Introduction to the Lo Shu System of the flying stars

Klick Determining of flight direction of the Stars

Klick The colors and elements of the Flaying Stars

Klick The Stars and their interpretations

Klick the nine 20-years Luck-Periods of the San Yuan

Klick Determining of the Period Star of the house within San Yuan

Klick The determination of the facing and sitting direction of the house

Klick The timely and untimely Stars

Klick The determination of Mountain-Star, Water-Star, Time-Star.

Klick Common important rules handling Water and Mountain Stars

Klick Time factors of San Yuan

Klick Flying Stars, Interpretations and which changes will be caused by them in the house

Klick Sufficient excercises with different examples trained in teamwork and common in the plenum.

Feng Shui 9 - The Flying Star Advanced Seminar

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive-seminar

condition for participation: basic knowledge of Lo Shu.

Klick New interpretations of the Flying Stars in period 8

Klick The complexity of the Flying Stars and their optimised remedies.

Klick Which stars are especially dangerous?

Klick The individual energy-levels within the Flying Stars.

Klick Proper determining of Phoenix and Turtle of a house. This has consequences on the whole analysis.

Klick The Star relationship among themselves and connections between Ho'Tu and Lo'Shu

Klick Primary and Secondary Stars and their influences on the room.

Klick Special Star combinations. (Fu-Yin, Fan-Yin, Parent's chain, string of pearls, Sum on 10, 7 star robbery, Castle gate theory, peach blossom...)

Klick The duration of utilisation of the house.

Klick The "holy 1" and the "holy 0"

Klick Yearly-, monthly-, and daily Stars and their priorities handled at consultations.

Klick Professional tipps and tricks handling the Flying Stars.

Klick Sufficient excercises with different examples trained in teamwork and common in the plenum.

Feng Shui 3 - Feng Shui for Business and Career

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive-seminar

condition for participation: For each interested person

Klick Principles and praxis of business Feng Shui

Klick Factors which increase success of your business and your personal.

Klick The environment, good and bad business areas and their remedies.

Klick Business Feng Shui according to the East-West-System.

Klick The 10 commandments of business Feng Shui.

Klick Design for companies, shops, hotels, restaurants, bureaus and individuals.
Creatin of entrances, sales and presentation rooms.
Chi flow in business - a most important factor.
Why the modern "glass buildings" are less successful than wished.
Optimised furnishing and work flow in the bureau.
Positioning of kasse and reception rooms.

Klick Feng Shui in management areas:
Positioning of Chef bureau and furniture.
Increasing of concentration of the managers and employees.

Klick Including of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements within the business Feng Shui.

Klick Feng Shui in conferences:
design of Meeting rooms and seminar rooms.
Advantageous room design and sitting positions
Control positions.

Klick Feng Shui in hotels, restaurants, and gastronomy business:
Design of hotels and restaurants.
Entrance and reception halls.
Special design of hotel rooms.
Dining rooms, restaurants and garden cafe's.
Parcs and parkin areas.

Klick Protection of negative radiation and electro smog of business machines.

Klick Plants, aromas, illumination, colors, and carpet patterns.

Klick Stress factors in business areas and their remedies.

Klick Shopping centers and design of show windows.

Klick Criterias for selection and design of company names and logos

Klick Checklist for a successful business.

Feng Shui 6 - Consulting Seminar

Main contents of the 8-days intensive seminar

condition for participation: knowledge of FS 1+2+ Business

Klick Feng Shui principles for the personally success

Klick Yin and Yang, duality on earth and its interactions

Klick Yin and Yang and the five elements

Klick The connections of the 5 elements and the consequences for the Chi

Klick Chi flow and the universal life energy

Klick The aftermath on the personally trigrams in a house

Klick The sweet space within a city

Klick Advantageous room design for living and working areas

Klick The basics of healthy living in abundance

Klick Many examples of influences of buildings for human beings

Klick Influences of famous buildings world wide

Klick Influences to our health

Klick Influences for living and working within buildings

Klick Driveways, entryways, portals, doors, stonewalls, blockages...

Klick The different levels in Feng Shui:
- the form school
- advanced knowledge of the form school
- the Ba'Gua of San He
- advanced Ba'Zai knowledge of the 8 mansions
- the 8 life situations
- the Ba'Gua of the 3 doors
- missing and expanded areas

Klick About earth energies and techniques to find them and to neutralize them
- natural disturbances, like water courses, shifted earth layers...
- mental energies, like grave frequencies, ancient rituals...
- human caused energies, like electro smog, junkyards...

Klick Time cycles within Feng Shui:
- the Lo'Shu system of the flying stars, San Yuan
- San Yuan and the colors of the stars
- the palace of facing and sitting directions
- water star and mountain star
- primary and secondary stars
- stars for the Year, month and day
- forward and backward movement of water and mountain stars

Klick Star combinations
- formula of 10
- formula of parents chain
- pearl chain formula
- castle door theory
- rules of exception

Klick Stars in connection with our organs

Klick Calculation charts for houses
- the Ba'Gua of the early and late heaven and their hidden attributes
- the reversed house
- the house in prison
- techniques to determine the energy level in a house and to improve Chi

Klick Danger of the year:
- Grand duke Jupiter
- Conflict star
- the three Shars
- the yellow Five

Klick The 12 animals and the 3 musketeers
- fortune bringing streets
- the 5 good spirits

Klick Some hidden formulas
- the 8 deadly forces
- the 8 streets of destruction
- the peach blossom Cha
- the linies of void and death
- Chor San Kibb Sart

Klick Different Lo Pan's
- the construction of the Luo Pan
- the use at the example of the Qi-Mag Luo Pan

Klick The change of period 7 to 8 and the effects in 2004

Klick Possible proceedings at Feng Shui consultations and checklists for it

Klick After supper teamwork with examples of your own house plans

Klick Final exam, soirée and distribution of certificate

Feng Shui 4 - Garden Feng Shui for Energetic Gardens

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive seminar

Klick Presentation of 25 different Feng Shui gardens

Klick Feng Shui rules for a favourite garden design

Klick strategy and step by step design of the garden

Klick Techniques and principles for creating of energetic gardens

Klick Special energetic points in the garden

Klick Examples of many different garden types

Klick Path, places, mountains, valleys, dry and wet areas in the garden

Klick Landscapes of Stones, Water, Plants and Trees

Klick Integration of garden huts

Klick Archetypical elements of the garden

Feng Shui 5 - Spiritual Feng Shui

Main contents of the 2-days week end intensive seminar

on Saturday and Sunday morning theoretical Lesson at the Aubrücke in Turgi

Klick Which earthly Energies are around at your ground

Klick How can you find earth Energies

Klick Methods of achieving to harmonize the earth Energies

Klick What have to be considered?

Klick How you can protect yourself?

Klick How can I am sure and which possibilities are available for verification?

at Sunday afternoon practical lesson outside in the field

Klick physically sensing of the different earth Energies

Klick Process of neutralization with Light work

Klick Additionally equipment for Energy work

Klick Dealing with Energy in general

Klick Verification of the expected results

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