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The Flow of the Chi

What means Chi-flow?

The normal human being of the 3rd dimension needs air and water to survive. Without air we just survive some seconds. Without water some days and without food some month.

Chi is invisible like air and necessary like air and is a combination from oxygen (Yang) and universal energy (Yin). Normally we have six senses. One of them is "smelling". With our nose we check the quality of air and react. For the Chi we just have the 7th sense, the intuition. Some people feel more or less. Some people feel whether they are at any moment at their sweet spot or not. Some few feel the bad energy frequencies on some places and know when they have to leave from there.

In our house the Chi comes from there in, where we also come in. At the door which is most used. If we would come through the window in then the Chi would come in through the window, too, like a wind as created by trains, trucks and cars. The Chi saves information and is indolent. It likes to flow according to habits. Is the corridor straight and narrow, the Chi flows fast. Is the place behind the door wide, the Chi flows slow, as the water flows in wide and narrow rivers. The faster the Chi flows the worse. Therefore big and wide entrance halls at hotels are very prosperous. Is there a window opposite the door, so the Chi leaves immediately the house and the house has less Chi. So we need a lot of good Chi everywhere.

Where do you think the good ideas are coming from? Do they come from your brain or from your mind? First you need basic knowledge from the brain, which you have studied. Then you always need good ideas to solve all your daily problems at your work. If your working area has less Chi, then your environment is not powerful and no good ideas are coming to you. Is there much good Chi, then the problems are solved fast and efficient. Otherwise you go home, relax and before you sleep maybe the problems of your work come to your mind and also the good Idea. This happens when your sleeping room has the better Chi environment. Next morning in the office you will solve the problems and it works, but too late for the company. They have lost 1 man-day. If 100 workers lose one day each according to the bad Chi the company loses 100 man-days and suddenly the business success comes down, the company will be sold or goes bankrupt although you are sitting in a new, modern building with many glass around.

With the aid of the principles of Feng Shui, we can redirect the Chi and with cures or remedies we change the environment positively. So we live more harmonious, are more healthy and our business is more successful. Never there is a 100% Feng Shui house in the world and you also don't need to leave your home, but all can be changed and improved, all is possible.

Our Feng Shui consultants come to you, or do a consultation also from the distance to bring you harmony, health and wealth. If you plan to build a new house, come to us before the plan is definitively. We help you and your architect to build the proper house for you.

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