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Your Karma

Your Karma has nothing to do with Feng Shui. For completeness we want to mention it here, too.

Mostly we do not live today here on our place "incidently". We intuitively look for a house/flat to which we have a relation from former, ancient times. The same is valid for life partners, children and working partners and many other people concerning us.

Our task during this life is for each of us quite specific and individual. Our goal is to find it. Eating, sleeping and working may not be it of sure. Often it is related with the environment, the contacts we have and with the human relations in our life. If we are walking on or path life seems to be happy and everything succeeds easily. If we have problems with each and everything we do, if stones are thrown into our path - then really think about it because then we are not on our path.

It is amazing that people, if they come to strange places in the cinema or during seminars they look always for a special place as long as they can choose. So people which have water lines at home, look for a place with water lines. They don't know this but do it intuitively because the earth frequencies are familiar to them. As long as they do not matter about what is at home they always will attract these places even when they change home.

Normally if someone looks for a new ground/house/flat who has negative earth energies at home then he looks for the same negative energies at the new area. Nobody knows this really but does it intuitively. This will continue as long as one recognizes the energies and neutralizes them or does cures against it. The problem with cures is like medicine. If you take it, pain is gone, if you leave it, pain comes back. If you heal the cause - like homeopathy it does - then the problem is gone forever.

We do not point out to your special karma if we would know it. This is a term of each person himself. Nobody is allowed to interfere in somebody else's karma. We also do not point out if we know, your house has negative earth frequencies. This is your intuition or your karma to live with it or to cure or to heal it. If you come and ask then we are here and are educated to help you as best as possible. Then it is your free will. Did you know that our earth is changing fast specially now during our lifetime. Centuries ago everyone has to go through his karma. Now it can be released if you wish it.

The time is ripe now to recognize, to talk about these things all over the world and to heal all the collected energies from ancient centuries on our ground. Ten years ago we would have been called as madly psycho talking about these things and 100 years ago we would have been called as witches and burnt on the funeral pile. As this happened during the centuries so often you can imagine which energy your ground could store if this was one of this places.

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