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The School of Forms in Feng Shui

The school of forms refers to the near and far environment of the house. The 4 directions are called by animals. The 4 animals are the Phoenix, the Turtle, the Tiger and the Dragon. The compass directions are not applicable here.

In front is the Phoenix. Most Feng Shui consultants refer to "in front" there where is the main entrance. But this is not always so. Therefore sometimes it is terrible difficult to find out where is in front of the house and where is the back.

It is very important to define the area "in front" individually and exact to the forms within the environment. If the wrong decision was made, mostly all further calculations may be useless. In front may be either:

Klick at the main entrance

Klick at the best and widest view (Ming Tang)

Klick at the most aktive yang area

Klick at the opposite of the only wall without windows

Klick according to the distribution of the rooms

You can imagine an environment like a horseshoe and there where is the open side, there is the phoenix. All the 3 other sides give good protection to the house. When standing at the front and viewing in front, an angle of 180 degrees should be visible. No walls, garages or other obstacles should block the good view. 

The turtle symbolizes the good backup in form of a mountain or better a smooth hill. The turtle is alway opposite of the phoenix. Each house should have a good backup and be protected from the back. It is no need that a real mountaion is there, it can also be another house, a wall, some bushes or trees.

The tiger is right if you look out of your front side. It is the yin side or the female side of the house and stands for the wifes living in the house. In a house with an optimized tiger side all female persons in the house enjoy good luck (and revers).

The dragon is left. It is the yang part and the male side.

The highest point around the house should be at the back side, the turtle. The next one is a long dragon and the tiger is the third one in height. The phoenix should not be blocked by a mountain, a wall or any obstacle and should be grant a wide view to the whole front area. There are always some exceptional cases, where in front also some hills may be of advantage. A good feng shui consultant will give you the best advice. Normally water in the front area is fortunate, but the level of the flying stars should be observed, too.


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