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The Flying Stars in Feng Shui

Our human life always has good times and bad times. Our world is dual. There is always sun and rain in cycles as within the nature. Therefore the flying stars are called flying because they change their position with the time. As the season in the garden changes, so our environment changes continuously. Do we build a house or a business today we can use the knowledge of feng shui and of the flying stars to position the house in exact one of some good directions, that the energies of the flying stars are optimized.

This information is included in the knowledge of the flying stars - some kind of Chinese astrology. As the name says, the stars fly through the 8 baguas of the house and change our situation.

The flying stars are one of the most complex principles in Feng Shui and are not easy to interprete. A lot of experience and knowledge is necessary. Not seldom they were left away from Feng Shui consultants or treated as option.

We have the opinion, the flying stars are very important and belong to a complete Feng Shui consultation.

When we consult an existing house we tell you in which rooms you put special colors, forms or material that the energies of the flying stars feng shui optimizes your health or wealth.

When you build a new house we find out which is the best direction for your house to optimize it to all levels of the compass feng shui or the flying stars and the environment. This often needs some time to experiment the best position for the new house or business.

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