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The 5 Elements

Im Feng Shui the 5 elements play a very important role.
The 5 elements have transformation phases which can be handled by 4 important cycles.

the supporting cycle arrows clockwise

Klick Wood feeds fire (fire burns wood)

Klick Fire feeds earth (ash becomes earth)

Klick Earth feeds metal (earth keeps recources)

Klick Metal feeds water (dishes keep water)

Klick Water feeds wood (Plants need water)

This supporting cycle is also called mother-child-cycle.
The mother nourishes the kid while the child weakens or sometimes nerves the mother.
The revers supporting cycle is called reducing cycle.

The control cycle, arrows inside the 5 elements

Klick Wood breaks open the earth (f.e. the big roots)

Klick Earth drys water

Klick Water erases fire

Klick Fire melts metal

Klick Metal cuts wood

The control cycle is also called Cycle of demolition. Always many of the corresponding element is needed. Little water will not erase fire and a candle will not melt metal.
The reverse control cycle hurts the corresponding element. The saw gets blunt, while cutting wood.

Apropos, each person gots at his birth all 5 elements with a special combination. The element which is active at his birthday is called the element of the year. There are also elements of the month, the day and the hour. With the exact time and place you can calculate the 4 elements called 4 pillars which decide astrologically the persons destiny.

Another element is called the personnal element of the trigram of Feng Shui. This can also be calculated prom the day of birth. This element of the trigram is called Kua number

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