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Land Neutralization

If you have the feeling there is something wrong with the feng shui of the house or you don't feel well - then it is possible that you have built your house on a land which has stored ancient energies from your ancestors. If you think on this land there was never a house or something then you were wrong.

We are the specialists and know how these stored earth frequencies can be dissolved and neutralized again. We not only consult you to advice you about your feng shui in the house. More important are the stored base ground energies on which the house is situated. We call this "Holistic Feng Shui"

What are the most important earth frequencies?

Klick Water courses

Klick Shifted earth layers

Klick Subterrestrial wells

Klick Caverns

Klick Earth frames

What are the most important mental frequencies

Klick Frequencies from graves or even mass graves

Klick Frequencies from all kind of rituals (sacrificing of animals or human beings)

Klick Frequenciies from executions (decapitate, hang, electrocute, etc.)

Klick Frequencies of tortures and fights to death (ancient romans festivals or indians killing, etc.)

Klick Frequencies of oaths, curses, which are stored on the land

Klick Frequenciies of signs, lay lines, crosses, etc.

What are the most important modern frequencies?

Klick Electro smog, electrical and magnetical fields

Klick High voltage lines

Klick Radio waves, phone, television, computer, satellite rays

Klick microwaves, x-rays, etc.

Our world is a liquid ball with a thin crust, which lives and changes shapes. During millions of years many changes happened with this crust on which we build a house and think this land is new and fresh.

So it is possible that we have water courses, shifted layers, caves, oil, coal or similiar things below our house.

The process to originate oil, gas or coal is a chemical one. Here gas is produced and comes to the surface seeming indiscernible and burdens our land. Water courses send their frequencies at the top and attack us also indiscernible. We get sick with the time and don't know, why. Shifted earth layers have similiar frequencies.

Tha land on which we live today is not virginal. There lived already people over millions of years. And they really lived... From old films we can imagine how.

There were many sacrificing places (rituals) where blood was flowing. From animals and even children. The bible is full of it, too.

Every one of us has already spoken some curses if something does not happen as liked. Formerly curses or oaths were spoken to the land, house, family, etc. Maybe the Jews during second world war or the indians when they were exterminated did it. And they put signs everywhere into the land to block energy.

The land keeps all these energies or frequencies as long one comes and releases them. Some of them are still inactive and get activated by the time.

Today the time is ready to talk about this as well as for neutralization all this. When it is possible to vocalize oaths, then it must also be possible to release them, too. We are here and are dealing with these themes for several years and have the knowledge to neutralize your land. This is our work and we are born for doing that.

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