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Here you can reach us:

Welcome to our Feng Shui Home Page

It's wonderful that you found us here

We offer you health and wealth by Feng Shui including energetic space clearing and consultations also as consultation from distance.

Our priorities at consultations are as follows:

Klick Compass Feng Shui according to the eight houses Ba'Tschai

Klick Optimizing of the auspicious Chi-flow

Klick Activation of the Eight Life Situation corner's

Klick The Flying Stars, San Yuan Feng Shui (Time and Space Feng Shui)

Klick Space Clearing of your Area

Klick Advanced SAN HE (good or bad water or mountains in your environment) including 24 water dragons

Klick Your Karma

We also supply: 

because we are here to live a happier life and to make others happy.

Our planet earth is full of abundance. Nobody has to be afraid not to get enough but we attract our fears unconsciously. If the wealth of this planet would be separated into equal portions for every one today, tomorrow each would not have the same no more.

Feng Shui is just a name for something wonderful. When we have realized it we can live more harmoneous and happier on our Mother Earth.

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Klick Feng Shui for Business

Klick Feng Shui for the Garden

Klick Feng Shui Seminars and Feng Shui Schooling

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