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Here you can reach us:

In our consultants list you only find international licensed Feng Shui consultants.
Please look for your preferred consultant:


  Specialities Seminars
Hans-Georg Strunz
Managing Director
Feng Shui Center Baden-Brugg
Mostelbergstr. 161
CH-6417 Sattel
Tel.: +41 41 835 17 93
mobile: +41 79 689 88 88 (only if tel not available)

Mail to:
Feng Shui Center Baden-Brugg

"Earth clearing" and holistic Feng Shui to harmonize your living and working areas world wide
Business Feng Shui for more success
Planning consulting for new buildings or areas
Garden design with Feng Shui
Seminars and presentations
Earth radiation clearings, land harmonizing, Energy- and light-worker

Feng Shui 1
Feng Shui 2
Feng Shui 3
Business Feng Shui
Garden Feng Shui
Spiritual Tao Feng Shui
Consultant Seminar
Partner Feng Shui

all weekend seminars are in Turgi Switzerland


  Specialities Seminars
Anita Hug
Dipl. Feng Shui Consultant
Mostelbergstr. 161
CH-6417 Sattel
Tel.: +41 41 835 17 92
mobile: +41 79 430 48 08

Feng Shui Consultant for living and business areas
earth radiation clearings

EMF-Balancing Technique
Spiritual Live Consultation
Working with Energies
Shamanic Rituals
Seminar for dowsing and using divinig rods
Introduction into Spirituality
    Spezialities Seminars
Marie-Luise Stettler
Dipl.- Feng Shui Consultant
Im Acker 146
CH-5077 Elfingen
Tel.: +41 62 876 31 67
Holistic Feng Shui Consultation,
Earth harmonizing,
Nourishment consultation,
Energy- & Light works
Feng Shui
Tao Feng Shui and Geomancy
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