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Business Feng Shui

What is the difference between Feng Shui for living and for business areas?

At home we want harmony and a quiet area to feel good and to live healthy and wealthy. When we celebrate a party or want many people around us, then this is the exception.

At business we want to attract a lot of customers to come to us and to buy our products. We want that they come intuitively as often as possible. They should get attentively to our products or services and feel well at our sites. So the success is programmed to held the existing customers and to get the new ones.

It is also most of importance that the business management as well as all clerks feel well in the business. The most important resources are the clerks. If they do not like their jobs, they expel the customers. This is what the customer feels first. In the office unhappy clerks don't work efficient. The appetite on the job is missing. In an harmonic surroundings the working is easier, lucky and successful.

In the business it is necessary that good chi predominates. So the clerks are efficient, innovative ideas are welcome and the customers come easy. Then the business functions properly. It is also important, which area the management is sitting and which direction the boss is looking. If the boss has no overview over the company from his seat then this is unfavorably and he will not stay long there. Is the overview good then the company runs well.

In every shopping-centre you find shops which are always crowded with people and others they are always empty or nearly empty and all 2-3 years the owner changes. As long as the Feng Shui will not be changed, business will not improve. People pass over these shops without remarking them mostly. At Other shops they feel pulled in like magnetically. These shops are always crowded. Did you mention these habits already?

You enter into shops with a good Feng Shui intuitively without knowing, why. Often you want to buy nothing but sometimes you see something there which you always searched for and you buy it. The business runs well, The clerks are happy and like their jobs.

Unfortunate many new business buildings are made by architects without knowledge of Feng Shui. The success of the companies staying there fail to be present success and must be sold within few years. We have observed several companies in their buildings and compared the business success before and after. We are convinced that Feng Shui play a greater role than the management ever believes.

In my ex company I have asked some colleges once how they like the new building and how they feel there. The answer was meaningful. The windows cannot be opened. Either it is too hot or too cold. The desk is fix mounted. There is no way to move it. I only have a small caddy for my most important utilities. Everything is in the computer. Surfing in the internet I have the feeling all others are watching me and starring at my neck. When I have a phone call I feel big ears around me and I have no private sphere. From outside all people look in with curiosity. So I try to go out as often as possible. That is exact what Feng Shui is. Isn't it?

From where do you men the good ideas come? The people in the business need good chi around to get all their problems solved. Otherwise the good ideas remain absent. Maybe before sleeping the good Idea comes while thinking when the sleeping room has the better chi. During the next day, the good idea functions, but you have lost one man day. and 100 people have lost 100 man days. This is what destroys business. Like the "invisible" air is for our human body, the "invisible" chi is for our mental body. Is the good chi missing or escapes it through all the glass walls there is no energy around and the good ideas don't come while the problems keep unsolved.

What for our physical body are the organs is the intuition for our mental body. To follow his intuition is much more efficient than to follow his brain.

With my ex chief of my ex industrial company I had a nice talk about an Feng Shui consultation before I left. He was thinking his clerks will laugh at him, when he orders a Feng Shui consultant. For Mc Kinsey he has no problem he thinks. Today the company still exists but has lost its core business.

Dare the step and order an professional Feng Shui consultant for a better and more successful life within your management. Look at our services.

Our Services for Business Feng Shui


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