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Feng Shui for the Garden

The garden is the near environment for your house and is very important for the integration of feng shui.

In Europe and USA feng shui gardens are really rar. You find them in China and in Japan. We have mostly short english grass and some few flowes or trees. A real feng shui garden needs much more variety.

The landscape feng shui in the garden is also of importance. A wide mingtang in front, the turtle as background, the dragon left and the tiger right.

So for the garden harmony with yin and yang is important. There is nothing living in our world which has only yin or only yang. If we change to 100% yin, then we died.

Each garden should have at least a small hill, some moving or still water, some stones or stonegarden. The possibilities are unendingly.

Each garden has also a heart, as well as yin points, yang points, positive energy points and negative energy points. These points the feng shui consultant has to find and to decorate accordingly. This brings luck and boon.

As each person has individual claims to the garden there are immense possibilities to design a feng shui garden. To show the variety possibilities we just present 25 types of gardens here:

Klick Chinese or Oriental Garden

Klick Zen Garden

Klick Stone Garden

Klick Miniatur Garden

Klick Bonsai & Stone Garden

Klick Water Garden, Garden with Brook

Klick Formal Garden

Klick Japanese Garden

Klick Natur Garden

Klick Garden on the Roof

Klick Winter Garden

Klick Garden for Guests

Klick Roman Garden

Klick French & European Garden

Klick Englisch Garden

Klick Mediterranean Garden

Klick Romantic Garden

Klick Flower Garden

Klick Garden for the Whole Year

Klick Forrest Garden

Klick Coast Garden

Klick Kitchen Garden

Klick Family Garden

Klick Meditation Garden

Klick City Garden

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