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The East-West-System

Each house has four positive and four negative areas (Trigrams). By the aid of the compass directions and the situation of the house, the entrance, the facing within the environment we can ascertain the trigram type of the house.

Each one of us human beings also is assigned to one of the 8 trigrams. The East-West system helps us to define the optimum area of each one of the family members in a house. So we can live in harmony, healthy and wealthy.

If we put together the layer of the house trigram and the layers of the family members then we can see which areas of the house are in harmony with the respective family member. So we just change the rooms according to the compass feng shui if possible.

Do we have an existing house, we ascertain the house type and optimize the possibilities to assign the proper rooms for the family. If we build a new house then we can build the very proper house for that family. Even then it is not possible to build a 100% Feng Shui house over all the layers which are available but we can optimize them.

Additionnally, as each human being is individually we also can tell you your good, better or best directions to sleep, to work, to sit, etc. There are 24 directions available for each of us, but only 50% are good directions. If we sleep in a wrong or bad direction we don't have a good receipt of our intuition. So we cannot regenerate our body over night properly. It is comparable with a televisin device. Is the antenna directed to the wrong side, we cannot see a proper picture. Is the antenna directed exact to the sender position, then the picture is fine and clear.

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