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Who knows, how much is a Billion?

If you talk about $, or ; this does not matter. Everybody knows a Billion is a figure with 9 zeros. But does really everybody know, how much that really is? Maybe not even the most rich man has the real overview.

Let's assume you win a Million $ next Saturday. Maybe you are happy for a wile. Now let's assume you win a Million each following Saturday. How long you have to wait, to have a Billion?

I'll tell you, after 19 years and 12 weeks winning every Saturday a Million brings a Billion. Did you know that? Now you can imagine a little bit easier how much is a Billion.

Now on our earth there are some few people who have 20, 40, 80 Billion $. Not imaginable. Really? Nobody can use that within a lifetime!

Again compared 80 Billion would be 800'000 year salaries 100'000 each. Each of these salaries feeds a family with 4 people. Would all together live in a main city then this city would have 3.2 Million inhabitants like Berlin, London, Paris, Singapore, Los Angeles or even the half of Switzerland.

Our earth is full of exuberance. Agree?

Each of us who believes that he got too less of this amount is self responsible for that. Because it is his own attitude or his own pattern who limits himself. Change your attitude and many things will change.

On the other side would we apportion all the wealth of our world into equal parts for everyone, then tomorrow it would have been changed again

One is for sure - The most rich people are not happier than the rest of the world. They could be much more happy to let their money flow among each others. The times are changing and the few powerful people in our world will loose at the end.

Let's assume we have two rooms beside each other. One is totally dark and one is full of light. Now let's open de door in between. What happens? Will the dark come into the light? Never! Always the dark becomes light!

Let the door be opened now!!

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