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The Eight Life Situations

Each house/flat and even each room has symbolically 9 different "life situation corner's" . Each corner is described as follows:

Klick The Carreer

Klick The Know How or Wisdom

Klick The Family

Klick The Wealth, Good Luck and Boon

Klick The Fame

Klick The Partnership

Klick The Children

Klick The Mentor

Klick and in the middle the Taj Chi or Health

These corners are dependent on the door of the house/ flat/ room. A picture shows more than 1000 words.

The best is, your house/ flat/ rooms have a square form and the door is in the middle of the wall. When the door is situated too near to the corner then this corner is weak or missing. The relation of that symbolic corner also might be your theme. F.e. your door is at the left side of the room then the wisdom corner is weak and wisdom migt be your special theme. Also if your house/ flat/ room has a special form like L then corner(s) may be missing or weak. You will recognize it with the meaning of the corner.

So children may have problems with learning at school if their know how corner is weak or missing. A good partnership needs a complete and harmoneous relationship corner with good energies and good chi. You also can fill up corners with rubbish - then you will feel it this way. Therefor keep your house clean and recycle all things not needed for at least two years

Your feng shui consultant will show you the possibilities to strengthen the right corners and how to remedy a missing corner.

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